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The Help People Help People organization is a privately funded non profit organization that is dedicated to helping other non profits accomplish their goals. The HPHP Chairman has first hand knowledge of what humanitarian groups need to achieve maximum effectiveness. Following are examples of some of the humanitarian things this group has done throughout the world over the years.
Some Help People Help People Projects
In Haiti as “Help Haitians Help Haiti” projects:
·          Distributed throughout all of Haiti millions of servings of a nutritional super food designed for survival as well as to reduce the fatality rate particularly in young children.
·          Assisted relief organizations in receiving donations of a product designed as a solution to malaria which kills over 1 million people each year worldwide.
·          Helped orphanages all over Haiti with an emphasis in the Cap Haitian area.
·          Provided personal computers with software and printers to multiple Christian Schools in Cap Haitian.
·          Had US management living in Haiti focusing on creating jobs and training programs.
·          Provided and trained middle management staff for the interpretation, customs, shipping, translation services for the use of missionaries and foreign businesses coming to Haiti.
·          Assisted numerous missionary and different health groups in facilitating foreign doctors and nurses coming to Haiti by providing interpreter services and various transportation.
In Africa as “Help Africans Help Africa” projects:       
·          Assisted relief organizations in receiving donations of a product designed as a solution to malaria.
In America as “Help Americans Help America” projects:
·          Facilitated the development of the GoodThing XO cartoon characters. There are a total of 80 characters that are named after values and virtues. For each letter of the alphabet, there is a character that looks like a given virtue in appearance and the character is named the specific virtue. As an example, the character names include names like Kindness, Loving, Caring, Patience, Sensitive and Truthful. In conjunction with that vision, children will be taught about desirable virtues while learning the alphabet and to use a computer keyboard by a different cartoon character for each virtue. There are also coloring books, songs, etc. They are known as the GoodThing XO characters and will be initially hand puppets. They will be hand sown in huts at remote villages in the country of Haiti as one of our job creation programs.        
This group knows the efforts it takes to implement programs like those and more. They understand the frustrations that non profits have in getting funding and support... not to mention logistics.
HPHP is one of the Founders of Rest Team USA a Free Membership system to provide funding as well as  services to Non Profits.
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